Hey hey everyone! Welcome BACK to The Let’s Do This Podcast episode number TWO! I’m here today to talk about a MASSIVE topic and one that’s so important, it’s really at the core of my beliefs about the wedding world.

I spend so much time on my Instagram, Facebook, Blog, and in person talking about this that it was only natural to hop on the mic and go REALLY in depth.

As a photographer, someone who is lucky enough to really become an ally to my couples, I hear people far too often say that for their wedding they are doing certain undesired traditions, getting married somewhere they don’t want, inviting guests they don’t know, all in the name of pleasing other people. That is ROUGH. Now listen, I’m not a horrible person right.. I mean I do put goat cheese on EVERYTHING but you know what I mean. I totally understand wanting to please people, make your family happy, and do what’s right. At a certain point though, at what cost does it come?

People are so afraid to do weddings their way. Afraid of backlash from the people attending, afraid to break tradition, and they’re left kinda… resenting a day that’s supposed to be all about love and celebration.

If you want the big, traditional white wedding with the church ceremony, sit down dinner, garter toss, and all of that- I’ll be the first to say that THAT’S TOTALLY OK. As long as you truly WANT it. I’m sooo not here to bash doing your wedding one way or the other- promise. I’m here to stress that IF that’s not what you want- there are other options and you don’t have to give in to fear of the unknown!

You can still make your famliy happy AND do things your way. Yes, I know that sounds like I’m speaking german but I promise, it’s possible. Today I’m gonna chat about some real tea, some true tips, and hopefully inspire you to go forth into the great beyond and infuse as much personality and uniqueness into your wedding as you want!

Here to help me inspire you today is my VERY first guest on The Let’s Do This Podcast. As a single gal, I really wanted to bring in a friend of mine who got married with personality PLUS infused into her day. Who better to give advice to all you couples out there than someone who’s been in your shoes before? Joining me today is Mae, and she is a ball of enthusiasm and advocate for putting your foot down and crafting the unique day of your dreams!

Maddie Mills